Spax Flat Countersunk Pozidrive Zinc Yellow Screws

Universal screw. Flat countersunk head, Cross recess Z. With SPAX MULTI Head and SPAX 4CUT point, hardened, synthetic coating.

Universal usage.

No pre-drilling (wood-dependent).
Quick and safe fastening with reduced driving in torque (more screwed connections per battery charge).
Effectively reduces splitting of the wooden material, even when close to the edge.
Multifunctional applications indoors.

Special Properties
Cross recess Z.
Zinc yellow passivated A2L.

SPAX 4CUT point: Allows screwing in without pre-drilling (wood-dependent), reduces splitting as square end displaces the fibres.
SPAX ground serrations: Up to the point - quick and secure fastening.
SPAX MULTI Head: Flush countersinking. Mills in wood and stops on metal.

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