Cup square carriage bolts DIN603 and hexagon nut DIN934 are mostly used in wood. They are fully threaded upto 100mm, it has a domed top and a square under the head which grips into the part being fixed, preventing the bolt from turning when the nut is tightened.

Cup Square Carriage Bolts With Hex Nut. CE APPROVED.

A bolt mostly used in wood.

Zinc plated and passivated

Domed top and a square under the head. The square section grips into the part being fixed; preventing the bolt from turning when the nut is tightened

Conforms to DIN 571 standard

Cup square bolts are also commonly referred to as carriage bolts or coach bolts due to their original usage in the manufacture of rolling stock. Cup square bolts consist of a domed circular head with a square neck portion and then a round shank.

The shank consists of both a plain load bearing portion as well as a threaded portion. Cup Square bolts are usually used in conjunction with a hexagon threaded nut (cup sq hex) which fastens onto the thread of the Cup square bolt.

The bolt is locked into placed by the square neck as the nut is fastened onto the stationary bolt. Cup square bolts are widely used in construction, engineering, fencing and woodworking environments.

As with hexagon headed bolts, when measuring the length of a Cup square bolt it is important to measure from the underside of the head and not to include the bolt head to the end of threaded portion.

The diameter of the cup square bolt is measured from the actual diameter of the threaded portion and not the square neck.

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