Stainless Steel Wood Screws | A2 Pozi Countersunk Self Tapping Chipboard Screw

Screw Size: 3.5 x 16mm
Pack Size: 5 Screw Sample
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Stainless Steel Wood Screws

These Stainless Steel Chipboard Screws are made from A2 Stainless Steel for improved corrosion resistance.

These Chipboard Screws have a Pozi Countersunk Head and are fully threaded.
They can be used to attach chipboard to chipboard or chipboard to wood.
They are most often used in cabinetry and flooring.

Stainless Steel Chipboard Screws are suitable for a wide range of applications in various industries.
In the Food and Catering Industry it is very popular as it is easy cleaned and is resistant to corrosion.

These A2 Stainless Steel Screws are generally used to give a good finish where needed.
They can be used both inside and outside.

These Stainless Steel Screws come in a wide range of sizes and in various pack sizes.

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