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Dimensions: 20mm x 20mm (733244)
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Shape: Tee

Maximum Working Pressure: 15 bar

Material: MDPE

Type: Connector

Features: Corrosion Resistant,Rust Resistant,Smell-Proof

Manufacturer: Elysee

Finish: Black

Brand: Elysee

Used to change the direction of pipework in a system by 90 degrees. Pipes should be the same diameter.

MDPE pipes should all be the same diameter.
  • Simple push-in & turn connection
  • 90 degree bend
  • No special tools required
  • WRAS approved for potable water and to ISO 17897
  • Durable and high resistance to impact
  • Dismountable if required to allow for alteration/adjustments
  • Designed to withstand sub-zero-temperatures
BODY - It is the main and most important component of the
fitting system. It can be shaped in several dimensions and
configurations to satisfy the requirements and arrangements
of the fluid’s direction. It has a snagging arrangement internally
to position the O-ring and insert, ensuring leak tightness when
assembled with a pipe.
A male trapezoidal thread is used externally to join the body
with the nut. The body is made with black high performance
polypropylene copolymer PP-B. It offers an excellent long-term
pressure resistance and also high impact resistance compared
to other plastic materials.

NUT - The main purpose of this component is the tightening of
the pipe with the fitting system. Internally, a female trapezoidal
thread is used to enable the connection with the fitting body.
Externally, it has an ergonomic designed surface for easy
handling during assembly with a pipe. Made by black high
performance polypropylene copolymer PP-B.

INSERT - The main purpose of this component is to secure
the o-ring and keep it in position during handling and operation.
Made by black high performance polypropylene copolymer PPB.

O-RING - The main purpose of this component is to ensure
leaktightness between the fitting system and the inserted pipe.
Made by Nitrile rubber (NBR 70) with the ability to withstand
high service temperature, excellent compression set, tear, and
abrasion resistance.

SPLIT RING - The main purpose of this component is to
ensure optimum grip between the fitting system and the pipe.
Internally, several sharp triangular teeth are in contact with the
pipe when inserted to the fitting system. Externally, conical ribs
tighten progressively on the cap’s cone and pipe while pressure
is applied in the system or pulling force is increased. Made by
high performance polyacetal material with sufficient stiffness
and hardness to provide high-end load resistance. They can be
used to join all types of polyethylene pipes.

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