6.0mm 12g General Purpose Wood Screws Yellow Chippy Pozi Countersunk Chipboard


Size: 6.0 x 40mm
Pack Quantity: 200 Screws
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6.0mm 12g UNIFIX General Purpose Screw

Countersunk Pozi Flat Head Zinc and Yellow Waxed Single Thread Screw

Ideal for softwoods hardwoods and chipboard

These screws are available in various sizes and in a pack size of 200.
  • Double countersunk for deeper recess and head strength.
  • Sharp point for quick start.
  • High pull out retention.
  • Zinc and yellow passivation to 5 microns CR6.
  • Made with C1022 premium steel.
  • CE Marked.
  • Manufactured to EN14592:2008

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