Spax Yellox Woodscrews Flat Countersunk Pozi

Manufactured in Germany, the SPAX YELLOX pozi screw with flat countersunk head, is a universal use screw which has been designed for a variety of indoor applications.

Suitable for softwood, and most hardwood applications, this SPAX screw will countersink flush into timbers whilst leaving a neat and clean finish, thanks to its SPAX MULTI Head design.

The SPAX MULTI Head design also allows the screw to mill cleanly into wood and stops on metal.

Key design features of this screw are the SPAX 4CUT & Ground serrations. The fibre of the wood is pushed aside, effectively reducing splitting and reducing the screwing-in torque required. The SPAX 4CUT also removes the need to pre-drill, though, this is dependent on the type of wood being used.

This SPAX Pozi Universal Full Thread screw is coated in YELLOX an exclusive surface that achieves corrosion protection that is greater than that offered by blue zinc plating. YELLOX is free of chrome (VI) making it a more environmentally friendly than conventional surfaces both during manufacturing and in use.


Tough, but still good to the environment.
YELLOX is chromium(VI)-free.
YELLOX is free from chromium(VI) and therefore environment-friendlier than standard yellow zinc coating – both during manufacture and in use. Despite this, it’s also more resistant to corrosion than the conventional bright or yellow zinc coatings used for screws. YELLOX is an innovation that benefits the environment and the user.

Listed below are the advantages and characteristics of the globally unique YELLOX coating from SPAX at a glance:

YELLOX gives you 6 times better corrosion protection compared with bright zinc coating of the same thickness (coating thickness of 4–6 μm under artificial atmospheric corrosion conditions).
YELLOX is chromium(VI)-free and therefore much more environmentally friendly both to manufacture and use than conventional coatings.
With YELLOX, the screw retains its yellow finish, offers greater corrosion protection and is chromium(VI)-free
(i.e. environment- and health-friendly).

Technical regulations
RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC
"Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances" complies with RoHS
REACH Regulation (EC)
No 1907/2006, "Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals" complies with REACH
EU Council Directive 88/378/EEC on the safety of toys; EN 71-3, "Safety of toys"

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